Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Winter Dog Coat Range

Now that winter is back and we are getting those chilly mornings. We feel it but your four legged buddy also feels the cold. We have a brand new range of winter dog coats that have been very popular already. Bring your dog in store to find the best fit or if you buy a coat and it doesn't fit bring it back and exchange it for the right size!

We have over 200 dog coats in store, so you are sure to find the right look and fit for your dog. Here are some of the new coats that have landed in store:

Huskimo Everest Coat comes in blue, red and white.

Huskimo Aspen Jumper comes in red, aqua and navy blue.

Huskimo Mont Blanc with hook comes in willow green and black.

Huskimo Argyle Jumper comes in marine/amazon and lavender/navy.

Polo Fleece Grey Hoodie